Week 13 – Hip-Hip Hooray for X-mas Vacation!

All the kids in town. A joyous gathering. It’s always such a GREAT time.

I continue to move forward, and progress with my MKE habits.  My routine is a little off, because of the extra family and activities, but I’m still getting them done…the blog post included. Lol

The gratitude cards is a great excercise, and I’m excited to add it back into my practice, as I had started the course fresh this year, to see what kind of experience it create.

I do have to admit though, I eventually transfered them over to a small journal, and continue to not only add to it daily, but read a few random pages in place of flipping through the cards. It feels better as far as trees are concerned, and also makes the excercise a bit more portable.

Part of me is a little bummed that I deleted my old blog posts from 2017. It would be fun to peak back at my thoughts when I first began this journey, and SO much has changed since then.

And it just keeps getting better.

Enjoy a beautiful Now my friends, JC💚🙏

Published by JC Strange

I'm exploring my being, and on a quest to achieve my highest self. My definite major purpose. My own Hero's Journey. I mountain bike, meditate, train Krav Maga, practice yoga, love cannabis, build apps, blog, ride motorcycles, and co-parent 4 amazing human beings. My life is full of joy, kindness, affluence, abundance, and love. In the not too distant future, you'll find me traveling throughout the continent in my tiny house RV. Continuing my life of acceptance, responsibility, and defenseless. Continuing my life of TRUE HEALTH and LIBERTY!!! —Enjoy a beautiful Now my friends 🙏💚🌿 JC

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