Week 9 – I am MEIN

What a week!

Planting seeds and watching ’em grow.

I am in awe of the work ethic that my son has in him. 3 seperate work outs per day (physical Conditioning / weight training / wrestling practice M-F, wrestling practice Saturdays, batting practice Sundays.

And this is all on his own accord.  I never even mention it to him, he let’s me know his schedule, and I make sure to get him there. His coaches are ecstatic; endless compliments about him making every single practice, including optionals, first one there, last to go guy. No hyperbole. He’s the true definition of a grinder.

At 15yrs. old, and creating daily habits like this, I can only imagine the opportunities that it’s going to lead to for him. This skill set he’s developed is going to be a MASSIVE asset on his hero’s journey.

Like Mark says, it’s a compounding effect; one great thing leads to the next greater thing. And the cycle continues. A constant state of learning and progression.

In so many ways he has inspired me to achieve more, and strive for my own greatness. The Universe is full of infinite possibilities, and pathways to just about anything we can possibly imagine. All we have to do, is start walking towards the ones we desire most, and everything else will come in line.

I am proud to say, my son is one of my GREATEST HEROES. I have grown, simply from his Inspiration.

Enjoy a beautiful Now my friends, JC

Published by JC Strange

I'm exploring my being, and on a quest to achieve my highest self. My definite major purpose. My own Hero's Journey. I mountain bike, meditate, train Krav Maga, practice yoga, love cannabis, build apps, blog, ride motorcycles, and co-parent 4 amazing human beings. My life is full of joy, kindness, affluence, abundance, and love. In the not too distant future, you'll find me traveling throughout the continent in my tiny house RV. Continuing my life of acceptance, responsibility, and defenseless. Continuing my life of TRUE HEALTH and LIBERTY!!! —Enjoy a beautiful Now my friends 🙏💚🌿 JC

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